Customer Experience

  • Why Customer Experience Is Not The Same As Customer Service
    Customer experience planning can yield very positive results: differentiation, customer retention, easier prospect conversion, and higher margins. Read this to learn more.
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  • Why Customer Experience – Not Service – Builds Your Business
    What makes a happy customer? It’s pretty easy to rule out aggressive sales pitches, self-indulgent blog posts, and poor customer service. Most businesses know this, and seek to – at the very least – be responsive to the needs of their patrons through good customer service. In fact, in an informal survey 10 out of 10 business owners ...
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  • 5 Steps To Improve Your Digital Customer Experience
    Positive customer experience
    Reports state that the buying decision is nearly 60% by the time a consumer contacts your business or another supplier. It’s common knowledge that the majority of consumers research a product or service before making a purchase decision. Your potential customers have been using search and educating themselves before they ever contact you or ask ...
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  • 4 Ways Social Media Can Improve Customer Experience
    Whether you like social media or not, it has become an absolute must-have if your business wants to build a truly competitive and innovative marketing strategy. Social media plans are no longer optional for brands, big or small, wanting to grow their market share and compete for their customer’s attention. While it can still be fairly ...
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  • Building a Positive Customer Experience
    CX meter
    The business case is pretty clear. The more positive the experience your prospects and customers have with your business the more likely they are to become repeat customers and referrers. In other words: investing in positive customer experience will yield better financial results. While you may have read or heard the term “customer experience” in recent ...
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