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Successful Marketing for Tech Consulting Firms

Establishing Marketing as a System and Growth Catalyst

Tech consulting firms need a successful marketing system to establish and grow their business. The four areas of effective marketing, strategy, execution, sales collaboration, and improvement must work in unison. Download this eBook for insights and information on establishing marketing as a system for growth.

Lead Generation For Tech Consulting Firms

A System for Acheiving Consistent, Predictable, and Scaleable Lead Gen

Successful tech consulting firms capture contacts, nurture them into leads, and then help their sales teams guide them to become customers. We call this process “Lead Generation,” and establishing a consistent, predictable, and scalable system is necessary to grow your firm.  Download this eBook for a comprehensive look at establishing lead generation as a system, not a one-off event.

Branding for Technology Consulting

A Practical Guide to Better
Brand Identity

Your success as a business depends on your ability to get new business. To do that you no doubt rely on your reputation and actively try to get would-be customers to consider using your services. How you come across is critical so developing strong brand is a must. This book will help you do just that.

About Valens Point

We help early-stage tech companies accelerate growth by building brand credibility, establishing repeatable lead generation, and supporting sales and partner teams. The result — effective marketing up and running in a fraction of the time it would take to recruit, hire, and train an internal marketing team.