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Branding for Technology Consulting

A Practical Guide to Better
Brand Identity

Your success as a business depends on your ability to get new business. To do that you no doubt rely on your reputation and actively try to get would-be customers to consider using your services. How you come across is critical so developing strong brand is a must. This book will help you do just that.

7 Steps to Marketing Success

Marketing is one of the most important systems in your business.

In this eBook by John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing,  you will find the seven core steps that make up the simple, effective and affordable approach to systematic marketing.  Core to these 7 steps is the Duct Tape Marketing definition of marketing: getting someone that has a need to know, like and trust you.

Total Customer Experience

How to build a truly remarkable business by shifting your focus

We have all heard about the sales or marketing funnel which is focused on getting leads.  In this eBook you will learn about the concept of The Marketing Hourglass which focuses on the total customer experience – not just getting your prospects to buy.

Personalize Your Marketing Strategy

Determine the resources, strategies and innovations needed to help your business soar.

Marketing strategy is far more important to the small business than marketing tactics.  Without a strategy, you are wasting valuable time and money by chasing after the marketing idea of the week, not knowing if it will or will not work.

50 Simple Lead Generation Tactics

A great resource for simple & effective tactics you can implement today.

This eBook is a collaboration of John Jantsch and the Duct Tape Marketing Consultants. Each of the tactics described has come from the work  done with a client or something brilliant one of us has witnessed a company doing.

The lead generation tactic lists the type of business that employed it as well as a concise example of how they put the tactic to work.

A Guide to Real Content Creation

Use our free guide to turn content into your greatest marketing asset.

Today, our prospects and clients have grown to expect that they can search online and discover everything they need to know about products, services, people, companies and problems,  challenges and solutions they seek.

So, in that sense, content is how you get found, it’s how you educate, build trust, answer questions, stand out, and sell in the world we live in today.

Manage Energy, Not Time

Download this ebook and learn the secrets of getting more done.

Today’s working professionals have to carefully consider the time and the energy they’ll need to focus on new skills like publishing, speaking and building a platform as well as sales planning, prospecting, and serving clients. This requires a new way of thinking about how time and energy is allocated, which takes a great deal of stamina.

Creating a Referral Engine

Learn how to create a consistent flow of leads without spending on dime on advertising.

Marketing is the most important system in any business and referral generation is simply one component of the lead generation cog, and as such, needs it’s own documented system as well.

Building Your Content Foundation

Content is the key to your marketing strategy.

It is how your message is told, how you guide your customers through The Marketing Hourglass and, ultimately, how you convert prospects into clients.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • How to use the keyword research outside of SEO
  • What to write and when to write it
  • How to dominate your local search rankings
  • How to repurpose previously created content
  • How to create an editorial calendar that guides your content creation

7 Stages of a Total Online Presence

There are many moving parts involved in marketing.

The need to be found online increase in importance with each passing day.

Your online presence is your key to success no matter what your business sells: no matter if all of your transactions are done face-to-face, if you don’t yet see a way to get a return from your Facebook page, or even if you’ve never bought an online ad.

Total Online Presence Blueprint

A 12-month blueprint to growing your online presence.

This guide provides a 12-month plan of attack or blueprint for working on your presence in the coming year. This “live by the calendar” approach helps business owners, who wear many hats, get above the overwhelm by taking it topic by topic and manageable bit by bit in an attempt to forge something that looks like continuous progress.

Building Business Brands

Every business has a brand — Are you building yours intentionally?

A small business that understands branding and marketing and the relationship between the two will find that attracting and retaining customers is not really that hard. The struggle in marketing often comes from the belief that branding is just for products or big companies. This leads to the disconnect between who your company is being and what your company is doing.

Strategy Matters

Why you must build a solid strategy before you do anything else.

Using a smart, well-crafted marketing strategy is critical to your business achieving marketing goals, but many people misunderstand what a marketing strategy truly is. Marketing strategy isn’t your goals or objectives, it is a concise explanation of how you plan to reach those objectives.

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