Are You Getting the Leads You Need to Grow?

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Leads are the Best Predictor of Growth and Success

When a tech consulting firm can generate and convert leads to opportunities, the entire organization is lifted.

When leads are consistent and predictable, leading the firm becomes easier. You can forecast with confidence, grow your team, and make investments in training and capabilities.

Growth Happens

When leads are not coming in, or when your firm can’t attribute leads to marketing activity — Life is hard.

When leads are inconsistent and unpredictable, you can’t accurately forecast revenue. And since you don’t have confidence in your pipeline and forecast, you can’t make the decisions you need to stimulate growth.

Stagnation  Happens

Want More Leads?

Get the Fundamentals Right.

Don’t buy, trick, or take shortcuts to get leads. You might think it’s the right thing to do. It’s not.

Near-term numbers might look and make you feel good, but the inability to convert newly acquired names into leads will leave you frustrated.

Here’s what to do instead: Build a lead generation system that is effective, consistent, predictable, and repeatable.

How Tech Consulting Firms Build Lead Generation Systems

They Plan

  • Strategy First Thinking
  • Do the Pre-Work
  • Link Firm & Marketing Goals

They Execute

  • Multiple approaches and channels
  • Precise Operations
  • Nurture to Conversion

They Improve

  • Measure Everything
  • Minimize failure
  • Prioritize success

If you want a lead generation system that’s consistent and scales as you business grows, get the basics right!

Read The Guide

The Fundamental Guide to Lead Generation For Tech Consulting Firms.

Gain a fundamental understanding of what’s necessary to achieve the goals you want (Leads!) without wasting time, money, and effort.

What is Lead Generation for Tech Consulting Firms?

Lead Generation Prerequisites – Establishing Goals and Expectations

Lead Generation Overview – Inbound, Outbound, Partnerships, Events, Paid, and Referrals

Beyond Capturing Contacts and Prospects – Nurturing, Sales Alignment, Improvement

Lead Generation Mistakes

Lead Generation Best Practice

Additional Resources


Evaluate your lead generation capability and effectiveness with this easy-to-use tool. (5 sections, 15 mins.)


The Fundamental Guide to Lead Generation For Tech Consulting

What Customers Say

“Valens Point worked with us to develop a strategy to grow our adjuster training business. The process and plan that Valens Point used resulted in a simple and straightforward strategy, which allowed us to quickly and effectively execute. That strategy brought in a greater number of leads and resulted in a greater number of sales. The revenue generation strategy helped us achieve record-setting sales.

For every $1 we invested with Valens Point we received at least $5 in return. Needless to say that has made a substantial impact to our profit margins. We are extremely happy with the relationship we have built with Valens Point and plan to engage them in other areas of our business”

Scott Hutton

Owner, Mindcross Training

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Find out why Brand is a critical element of technology consulting marketing success.

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