Lead Generation Program

Get a Lead Generation System That is Consistent, Predictable, and Repeatable

Lead generation shouldn’t be a single tactic, channel, or campaign. To build a lead generation system that delivers results and scales with your business, you need to establish a lead strategy and build on a strong foundation.

Firms that develop lead generation strategies and execution plans grow faster.

You need a team of marketing and lead generation professionals with capabilities and experience in the IT industry. A team with expertise in strategy, branding, design, website development, email, social media, audience engagement, contact nurturing, and sales support — all necessary to get lead generation done.

Our Lead Generation program delivers consistent, predictable, and repeatable marketing results to your tech consulting firm. We put a lead generation system in place to produces results and scales as your firm grows.

That’s what Valens Point does. We get lead generation done.

What We Do

Planning Phase
  • Establish the prerequisite strategy, brand, ICP, channels, and content plans to engage your ideal customers.
  • Define lead generation goals that align with the firm’s business goals and plans.
  • Plan and document contact nurturing and sales handoff processes.
Execution Phase
  • Set up the marketing foundation (website, social media, search, and email) necessary for inbound and outbound lead generation and nurturing.
  • Content production (case studies, website content, social media content, etc.) to attract and capture contacts and leads in inbound, outbound, and referral marketing.
  • Execute outbound lead generation campaigns
    Coordinate with technology partners on marketing and co-op opportunities.
  • Plan and execute event (live and virtual) and conference marketing.
  • Execute paid/advertisement lead generation campaigns
Improve and Scale Phase
  • Measure and report on lead generation effectiveness.
  • Define and implement improvements to the system.
  • Identify areas that warrant additional investment and areas that should be terminated.


A marketing team to get lead generation done for your firm — using proven methodology — that can be in place without the delay of recruiting and hiring an internal marketing department.

  • Brand + Strategy — A strong message, brand identity, and marketing strategy.
  • Lead Generation Plan — The goals, actions, and campaigns that deliver results.
  • Lead Generation Capability — A solid and scalable marketing foundation (email, social, content, search, creative assets) to generate leads.
  • Contact Management — Processes to capture contacts, nurture them into leads, and guide them to opportunities.
  • Sales and Partner support — Alignment and augmentation of the sales team to remove friction and provide the tools and assets they need.
  • Optimization and Scale — A lead generation system that grows as your firm grows.

How We Engage

Our Average
Client Relationship
is Measured
in Years

(not Months or Weeks)


In fact, we have client relationships that have lasted over ten (10) years. That’s not because we’re slow and struggle to get things done. It’s the opposite. We achieve success, and our clients trust us to help them continue to grow.

Our approach to “getting marketing done” balances the near-term goals of results (now!) without compromising the long-term goal of building a scalable marketing system that delivers consistent, predictable, and repeatable results.

ONE — A Conversation to Determine Fit

Successful marketing begins with a conversation. There is no pressure to buy something or subscribe to a service. There are no obligations or commitments.

This conversation accomplishes two goals. First, it allows both of us to get to know each other and answer the question, “Are we a good fit for each other?” Secondly, it allows us to determine if the Valens Point Successful Marketing program is the right marketing journey for your firm.

We, like you, do business with people we Know, Like, and Trust. This conversation starts the process.

If we are a good fit, we can discuss and scope the marketing system for your firm.

TWO — Assess, Prioritize, and Plan

We evaluate existing marketing capabilities, assets, and performance. At this stage, we’re assessing what’s available, what’s worked in the past, the market, the firm’s brand and brand identity, strategy, message, and other aspects of “marketing” a consulting firm.

Prioritization considers budgets, seasons, significant dates and events, and other factors that impact both planning and execution. Every system has constraints and pressures, and we identify and manage these influences.

Planning establishes a course of action in multiple areas. Content, campaigns, website updates, event plans, public relations, partner programs, and other areas are included. Desired results are agreed upon, and goals are set.

THREE — Execute, Measure, and Improve

Execution is a unified and coordinated set of activities based on plans and priorities.

This will include content production, foundation building (email, social media, website), brand and message updates, lead generation (inbound, partner, and other areas), and process and capability building.

Measurement allows us to gauge our results against expectations and goals. This allows us to manage marketing as a system and make data-driven decisions.

Improvement leverages measurement data. We decide where to double down, what to continue to monitor, and what activity should be stopped.

Balancing the Need For Near-Term Results While Building Scaleability

Our approach to “getting marketing done” focuses on creating a marketing system, executing for results, and constantly improving. We balance the need for near-term results with the long-term impact of building a consistent, predictable, and repeatable marketing capability.

Getting Marketing Done Approach


When you book a conversation, you will receive a confirmation email, a calendar invite, and a call preparation sheet. The prep sheet will help you communicate your needs and requirements, describe your goals, and communicate the current state of your business and marketing efforts. It ensures we make the best use of our time.

Featured Testimonial

"The Marketing Hourglass allowed us to view the relationship we had with our customers as more than just “marketing.” We now can visualize the “Know, Like, and Trust” but also how every interaction with our partners is directly related to repeating our relationship and having a great referral."

Kelly Parker

Director of Sales & Community Engagement, Create Common Good

About Valens Point

We help early-stage tech companies accelerate growth by building brand credibility, establishing repeatable lead generation, and supporting sales and partner teams. The result — effective marketing up and running in a fraction of the time it would take to recruit, hire, and train an internal marketing team.