Branding Program

You work hard — but are you getting the visibility you deserve?

Valens Point crafts visual brand identities and uses design to build credibility, demonstrate difference, and expand awareness.

We understand how visual branding fits into your business and how to develop design solutions that clearly communicate who you are and what you stand for. (This depends heavily on your understanding of these things and the work you have done to refine and define your marketing message.)

Our ability to simplify complexity and highlight your nuanced differences builds credibility, awareness, and ultimately business growth.

How it Works

Step 1 — Your Brand Story

Understanding what you want your brand to say about you (and who you want to notice it) is critical.
So this is where we start: by building a solid foundation on which to base your brand identity.

  • Outline why a brand refresh is necessary for you
  • Analyze your current message, brand, and competitors
  • Interview key employees and customers
  • Describe your target market: the benefits, capabilities, and value proposition.
STEP 2 —Crafting Your Brand Identity

All brand identity choices can then be driven by your underlying message. Creating a compelling and relevant message will allow you to develop a brand that is uniquely yours.

  • Conduct design research and ideate
  • Refine options: review, revise, finalize
  • Establish style guidelines for your new brand
STEP 3 — Brand Management

Having created the assets that make up your new brand identity, we plan the roll out and effective implementation.

  • Develop communication plan and rollout guide
  • Prepare and export assets for widespread use
  • Order signage, stationery, logo wear, and collateral
  • Update website and social media

What You Get


Good visual branding amplifies your message and helps communicate credibility. Reading between the lines your audience sees you as able to do the job. Bad visual branding sows doubts and adds friction to the sales cycle.


Good visual branding can help you present your authentic self. After all, this is what has been getting you deals thus far. Good visual branding can also help you communicate your mission and vision and can highlight your deep industry and technical knowledge — critical for consulting companies.


Good visual branding can help you stand out and highlight your essential difference. If you are different and can demonstrate results — good visual branding can reinforce this, building trust and creditability.

Business Growth

We understand your business (tech consulting). We understand technology, selling technology, and solving business problems with technology. We understand what it takes to get projects completed and satisfy tech customers. Valens Point Design understands what drives your business and can develop visual branding that will supercharge growth.

How We Engage

Our Average
Client Relationship
is Measured
in Years

(not Months or Weeks)


In fact, we have client relationships that have lasted over ten (10) years. That’s not because we’re slow and struggle to get things done. It’s the opposite. We achieve success, and our clients trust us to help them continue to grow.

Our approach to “getting marketing done” balances the near-term goals of results (now!) without compromising the long-term goal of building a scalable marketing system that delivers consistent, predictable, and repeatable results.

ONE — A Conversation to Determine Fit

Rebranding begins with a conversation. There is no pressure to buy something or subscribe to a service. There are no obligations or commitments.

This conversation accomplishes two goals. First, it allows both of us to get to know each other and answer the question, “Are we a good fit for each other?” Secondly, it allows us to determine if the Valens Point Branding program is the right for your firm.

We, like you, do business with people we Know, Like, and Trust. This conversation starts the process.

If we are a good fit, we can discuss and how you can get started with your rebrand.

TWO — Assess, Prioritize, and Plan

We evaluate existing brand indentity in the context of your compeditors and your market. At this stage, we’re assessing what’s worked, and discovering areas for improvement.

Prioritization considers budgets, seasons, significant dates and events, and other factors that impact both planning and execution. We all live in a world of constraints and pressures, so we identify and manage these influences.

Planning establishes a course of action and impacts rebranding will have on content, campaigns, website updates, event plans, public relations, partner programs, and other areas of your business. Desired results are agreed upon, timeframes established, and goals are set.

THREE — Execute, Measure, and Improve

Execution is a unified and coordinated set of activities based on plans and priorities.

This will include the creative development of brand options and then the buildout of and development of brand assets to be used as the basis for rolling out your new branding. This may require content revisions, foundational marketing changes (email, social media, website), and the general updating of your messaging and lead generation and other processes that may be impacted.

Measurement allows us to gauge our results against expectations and goals. This keeps us all on track and ensures that your new branding is working as expected.

Improvement leverages feedback so we can address any areas that need to be changed or improved apon.

Balancing the Need For Near-Term Results While Building Scaleability

Our approach to “getting marketing done” focuses on creating a marketing system, executing for results, and constantly improving. We balance the need for near-term results with the long-term impact of building a consistent, predictable, and repeatable marketing capability.

Getting Marketing Done Approach


When you schedule a conversation, you will receive a confirmation email, a calendar invite, and a call preparation sheet. The prep sheet will help you communicate your needs and requirements, describe your goals, and communicate the current state of your business and marketing efforts. It ensures we make the best use of our time.

Featured Testimonial

“The Valens Point rebrand for CloudFrame was a great success. It provided credibility and built awareness. As a result, CloudFrame’s market perception shifted from a scrappy startup to a fast-growing enterprise software company. Their process of refining the company’s message and building a visual identity to amplify it was based on the right balance of research, analysis, and getting things done.”

Roseann Palmieri

Sand Hill East /CloudFrame

About Valens Point

We help early-stage tech companies accelerate growth by building brand credibility, establishing repeatable lead generation, and supporting sales and partner teams. The result — effective marketing up and running in a fraction of the time it would take to recruit, hire, and train an internal marketing team.