Meet the Team

Technology consulting is our heritage.  It’s where we started our careers, met each other, successfully launched our company, and where we are focused.

We know marketing and we know tech consulting.



Co-Founder & Managing Partner

“Strategy, Tactics, Results, Measure, Improve.  Our system-based approach to building the marketing department helps us stay focused on execution and results.”



Co-Founder & Managing Partner

“Having all come from entrepreneurial roots and having a strong sense of being of service, we are dedicated to helping others improve business results.”



Co-Founder & Managing Partner

“Being intentional about what you do and how you present yourself makes a big difference. Don’t overlook the impact that design has on your message.”


Together our team is committed to providing you a marketing department that will make a significant difference in your business.

Our marketing strategy is based on what we know works to grow tech consulting businesses: a clear message, consistent brand, valuable content, well-designed customer experience, sales conversion, raving reviews, and predictable referrals.

We are project managers and know that consistent execution is a requirement for success.

A systematic approach to marketing allows us to measure results.  We look for every opportunity to improve.

Our Story

The three of us have worked together in the tech industry for over two decades.
In our careers, we have addressed the issues of revenue growth, profitability, system development, and marketing strategy.  We have used those experiences to build marketing systems that have consistent execution and predictable results.

We think “strategy first” but know that strategy is worthless without execution. It’s the balance of the two that leads to success.

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12110 Sunset Hills Road
Suite 600
Reston, VA 20190

256 405 4346

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About Valens Point

We help technology services organizations grow by putting into action a marketing system containing the right balance of strategy, technology, process, and expertise that will get results.

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