4 Customer Experience Focus Points

By David Smith


Customer Experience (CX) acts as a differentiator. It separates businesses in the same market and builds long-lasting customers.

Did you know: If you don’t give prospects and customers a good experience when they visit your website, they’re 88 percent less likely to come back?

On the other hand, a good CX drives loyalty, and your dedicated customer base is 4 times more likely to refer other prospects to your company.

Your customers will appreciate these four huge content game-changers when they engage with your brand.   

1.    Proactively Answering Questions  

Don’t make prospective customers work for answers to their most pressing questions. Answer them proactively.

By educating consumers on fit, price, applicability and other details, you end up with better-qualified leads that will know whether or not they’re interested early on in the process.

FAQs, knowledgebases, and sales sheets are a few content types you can use to convey this information. 

Touch base with your sales and customer support teams to put together a list of the questions that come up the most. You may already have this right content available within your organization. All it needs is some reformatting when you move it from a customer support portal to a pre-sales environment.   

2.    Easy to Follow User Experience (UX)

The UX shouldn’t be confusing or difficult to follow at any point in the process. Your website navigation should make sense and be straightforward, and your content should have a natural progression through their buyer’s journey. 

Multiple content types are necessary, as well as filling in any content gaps. Keep an eye on your Google analytics and call to action (CTA) data and see which content drives the highest engagement and whether visitors are running into problems getting around your site.     

Your primary goals are to eliminate any friction that the buyer could encounter when they make a buyer’s journey decision and to fill in content gaps that get in the way of a properly educated lead or customer.   

3.    Consistent Experiences

Being consistent with your content marketing is another way to improve the CX.

When customers can rely on you to deliver consistently during the marketing to sales experience, they end up gaining trust in your brand. Some ways that you can be consistent include updating social media at a regular interval and following up within the expected timeframe.   

Determine how frequently you want to stay in touch with your prospects. Don’t try to treat it as though it’s one size fits all with your content channels. Pick the schedule that works the best for each interest or buyer stage.  

4.    Customer Success / Value Attainment   

Many companies focus on the first part of the CX, before that person becomes a customer. However, they’re missing out on a big opportunity to encourage repeat sales and to build a loyal customer base if your CX focus stops there.

You need resources in place to ensure that people achieve success with your solutions and services. If your offerings have a learning curve or complex instructions, it’s vital to equip consumers with the content they need to have a quality experience.    This CX investment will pay dividends with improved customer satisfaction and increased referrals.

Quality content is the right tool to boost your CX and make the entire customer journey go smoothly. Whether you implement one of these ideas or all four, you’re going to see improvement.


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