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The Right Path to Scalable Marketing

Convinced Marketing Will Solve Your Growth Problems?

Most tech consulting firm leaders think the same. They believe leads are the silver bullet that will slay the demon that has them marching in place and prohibiting growth. But when they turn thoughts into actions, they do all the wrong things. They believe tactics like video, cold calling, random sponsorships, and increased social media posting will propel their business.

They are wasting their time and money on marketing.

Marketing isn’t a single “thing”.

Marketing is a unified business system that delivers results using strategic thinking, thoughtful implementation, consistent execution, and data-driven optimization.

Stop Wasting Your Time & Money on Marketing

Get Ready to Grow

If you want to stop wasting your time and money marketing and put a system in place that will propel the growth you want for your firm, we’ve put together this guide:

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The Fundamental Guide to Successful and Scaleable Marketing For Tech Consulting Firms.

This guide emphasizes transforming marketing into a well-structured business system that drives growth and delivers consistent, measurable results. It provides a blueprint for building a saleable marketing capability that can be refined and improved as the firm grows.


  • Creating A Strong Message That Resonates With Your Audience
  • Define Your Marketing Strategy (What You’ll Do and What You Won’t Do)
  • Identifying Marketing Goals, Actions, Campaigns, and Goals
  • Building A Solid Marketing Foundation That Scales
  • Content — Fuel for the Marketing System
  • Lead Generation That Engages the Right Prospects
  • Lead Nurturing Techniques That Keep You Top of Mind
  • Marketing and Sales Alignment To Enable Customer Growth
  • Measure What’s Important, not Just What’s Interesting.

Additional Resources


Evaluate your marketing capability and effectiveness with this easy-to-use, but comprehensive tool. (9 sections, 20 mins.)


Improve your understanding of marketing with our eBook, Successful Marketing For Technology Consulting.

What Customers Say

“Valens Point helped us upgrade our brand and stand-up marketing capabilities that produced consistent and predictable results. Their understanding and experience in the IT industry, plus their marketing expertise, made them a valuable part of the CloudFrame team. They seamlessly integrated into our leadership and operation teams and provided an entire marketing department to support our drive and growth.”

Venkat Pillay

Founder and CEO, CloudFrame

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We help early-stage tech companies accelerate growth by building brand credibility, establishing repeatable lead generation, and supporting sales and partner teams. The result — effective marketing up and running in a fraction of the time it would take to recruit, hire, and train an internal marketing team.