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Business Assessment

Your business deserves to soar.  Start by taking our Business Assessment The Business Assessment is the first step in our process toward helping you achieve your business growth goals. This initial step allows you to get to know us, and allows us to learn about your business at no cost to you other than your […]

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50 Simple Lead Generation Ideas

This eBook is a collaboration of John Jantsch and the Duct Tape Marketing Consultants.  You will find fifty ideas for generating leads.  Each of the tactics described has come from the work  done with a client or something brilliant one of us has witnessed a company doing. The lead generation tactic lists the type of […]

The Productivity Handbook

7 Apps That Will Change The Way You Do Marketing There’s always more to do than time to do it in these days. This eBook will share some tools to help you get it done.  You will learn how these tools can help you: Brainstorm ideas for fast content creation using Evernote Easily share large […]

Guide to Content Creation In the Real World

Download our free guide and turn content into your greatest marketing asset. Today, our prospects and clients have grown to expect that they can search online and discover everything they need to know about products, services, people, companies and problems,  challenges and solutions they seek. So, in that sense, content is how you get found, […]

How To Create A Marketing Strategy That Is Perfect For Your Business

Determine the resources, strategies and innovations needed to help your business soar. Marketing strategy is far more important to the small business than marketing tactics.  Without a strategy, you are wasting valuable time and money by chasing after the marketing idea of the week, not knowing if it will or will not work. Download this […]

7 Essential Stages Of A Total Online Presence

Discover the core components needed to build your Total Online Presence including specific details and action items for each stage. There are many moving parts involved in marketing and the need to be found online increase in importance with each passing day. Your online presence is your key to success no matter what your business […]

How To Build A Remarkable Business By Focusing On The Total Customer Experience

Download our free guide to build out a total customer experience We have all heard about the sales or marketing funnel which is focused on getting leads.  In this eBook you will learn about the concept of The Marketing HourglassTM which focuses on the total customer experience – not just getting your prospects to buy.   […]

7 Steps To Small Business Marketing Success

 Marketing is a system.  It is one of the most important systems in your business. In this eBook by John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing,  you will find the seven core steps that make up the simple, effective and affordable approach to systematic marketing.  Core to these 7 steps is the Duct Tape Marketing definition […]

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