Five Ways Video Helps Create Content Marketing Success
By David Smith

Some tech consulting firms look at their content marketing strategies and think that blog posts alone are going to bring them credibility and reach the audience that they’re expecting. Articles and blog posts have their place in your efforts, but video marketing may be a high priority.

Here are five ways that video helps your tech consulting organization build authority in a way that blog posts alone can’t.

Fewer Businesses Create Quality Videos

Videos are a resource-intensive marketing asset, so you have less competition for the audience. Every business in your market may have a blog, but you could end up being the only one creating quality video content. Getting started with video content is not as daunting as you may think. Live streams are one of the most accessible options to experiment with, as viewers want to see authentic looking clips. A less polished production is one way to give them that impression.

Expanding to More Content Channels

Many content channels open up for you when you have videos available. YouTube is the obvious first choice, as Google likes video and potential customers are likely to visit the site when they want to watch online videos.

Many people use YouTube as a search engine, looking for how-to videos and similar content. When you put up instructional clips showing how to get the most out of your products and services, you can capture their attention.

More Likely to Be Shared

How many text-only posts do you see getting shared on social media? Even styled with excellent graphic design and photos gives you limited viral potential. Videos can spread rapidly, and most video hosting platforms make it easy for viewers to share it.

Offers New Relationship Building Opportunities

You have more ways to evoke an emotional connection through video. With motion and sound, you can build upon the text content that you’ve already produced, show viewers the concept that you’re trying to get across or demonstrate ways to use your products and services.

You can interview enthusiastic customers and invite them to share their best tips and tricks on getting the most out of purchases.

Another way to build a better emotional connection is to create behind the scenes videos.  You’re pulling back the curtain on your business operations, and making the viewer feel like they’re part of an inner circle. Live streaming is a particularly good option to use when you want to do behind the scenes videos like project reviews or team award sessions.

Simulates Face to Face Engagement

Your potential customers may never sit across the table from you, but video can create a similar type of engagement. Viewers get to see your body language, hear your tone of voice and listen to what you have to say about your offerings.

They’re taking in more information than they would get from a static image or text post. Complex concepts or hard to visualize instructions are much easier to explain when you have video available.   This helps video improve sales effectiveness.

Video marketing is a must-have component of your content marketing strategy. You can position yourself as a credible business by leveraging these benefits.

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