The Five Elements Necessary For Marketing Success

By David Smith

Marketing success means more leads, more opportunities, and more projects. That’s what tech consulting firm leaders want: growth.

Leaders don’t want to waste time, effort, and money on marketing that isn’t aligned with company goals and doesn’t produce results that help achieve those goals.

Firms with successful marketing will book more revenue (32% more) and achieve higher profitability (25% higher) than firms with no marketing or hit-or-miss marketing. (Source: Hinge).

Five elements must be present to ensure marketing’s success.


A well-defined and sound marketing strategy leads to effectiveness. That includes the right message, the right target audience (ICP), the proper channels, and identifying the appropriate time (customer journey). The strategy also aligns goals, establishes collaboration, and identifies a content strategy, all detailed in your marketing plan.


A recognizable and known brand and brand identity clearly communicates the firm’s message. It reduces confusion. Being known, liked, and trusted increases the chance that the buyer includes your firm on their shortlist of potential vendors.


Execution of the plan is where marketing value is generated. Marketing Operations include planning, budgeting, management, partners, campaigns, nurturing, sales support, and communications using email, the website, and other channels.


Content is the fuel for the marketing engine. It is a subset of the overall strategy and a significant focus for operations. Content planning, production, and distribution are significant elements of marketing success.


Having goals is useless if you cannot monitor results. Identifying the correct measurement, frequency, and improvement steps will ensure you are achieving your marketing results.

Final Thoughts

Marketing success is achievable when all five elements are evident and managed. Begin with strategy, then develop a plan, strengthen your brand, expertly execute operations, and emphasize content. Monitor and measure to improve results to make marketing more straightforward and effective.

Does your firm have a marketing system that includes all five elements?

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