Strategy First
Starting with this project allows both of us to align and build trust. The project establishes the foundation of the relationship and helps to determine if we want to work together on building the marketing system for your business.


We keep things simple by beginning with strategy.



By concentrating on message and audience, we are able to eliminate the  cost and effort of less productive marketing.



We then build repeatable processes and outcomes, which are essential elements of any successful system.

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Here’s where we start: Strategy First.  We will perform an Online Presence Audit, followed by a Marketing Assessment and Analysis –  in which we identify potential strategies for improving your marketing results.  This short engagement (5 – 8 week duration) will allow us to determine the priority areas of your marketing systems and lay the groundwork for us to put together a more detailed plan, schedule, and budget.



Online Presence Audit

Website Journey: Review of your website and look for alignment with message and customer.

Content: Review of existing content.

Social Media: Review of social media presence and value.

Business Listing Review: Analysis of business listing existence and opportunities

Reviews & Reputation: Analyze the number and type of online reviews.

Brand Review: Analyze the company brand for strength and consistency.




Marketing Assessment and Analysis

 Business Model: We will spend time with you to understand your business model and your approach to sales.

Client Interview: Interview 3 – 5 ideal clients.  We will provide summaries and use the information as input for the creation of the ideal customer profile and tailoring the marketing message.

Competitive Research: Review online presence of 3 competitors and provide insight.

Content Ideas: Identify content subjects and themes, based on keyword research to increase audience engagement.

Customer Experience Map: Diagram customer buying experience using the Marketing Hourglass (know, like, trust, try, buy, repeat and refer) and identify marketing assets necessary to move prospects through the customer buying process.

High-level Strategies: Identify 3-5 of your highest-level strategies mapped out as next steps




During the process of delivering the Strategy First engagement, we’ll also have the chance to discuss the sales process, conversion process, and marketing measures and goals.  Those can be then integrated into a next phase if there is one.

The duration is 5 – 8 weeks.

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About Valens Point

We help early-stage tech companies accelerate growth by building brand credibility, establishing repeatable lead generation, and supporting sales and partner teams. The result — effective marketing up and running in a fraction of the time it would take to recruit, hire, and train an internal marketing team.