Marketing Planning- Stakeholder Input: Customer Success Edition

By David Smith

Want valuable marketing plan input from Customer Success? Ask the right questions. Here’s a list of 20 to get you started.

Input from your customer success (CS) leadership will improve the quality (and results) of your tech consulting firm’s marketing plan. 

A better plan leads to better results.

If you ignore their input, you’ll miss the opportunity to align with their goals.

How to Gather Quality Marketing Plan Input


This list will help you prepare and solicit input from CS leaders, letting them know their voice is heard and their needs are understood.


Break your input inquiry into four sections:

1️⃣  Feedback,

2️⃣  Strategy,

3️⃣  Execution, and

4️⃣  Alignment.


▶️ Feedback

Ask for constructive feedback and be prepared to hear statements you disagree with.

How are marketing efforts impacting customer success and helping you achieve your goals?

What feedback do you often hear about our marketing, both positive and negative?

What marketing materials and assistance would increase your effectiveness?


▶️ Strategy

Getting the strategy right makes everything else easier.

Can you share success stories where we have significantly impacted a customer’s business?

What are the main reasons customers churn or become less engaged over time?

What new customer segments should we target based on your interactions with customers?


▶️ Execution

What should marketing do to help customer success?

What channels (social media, email, video, etc.) do our customers mention when discussing our firm?

How could we better support our customers through our marketing efforts?

What kind of content do you think would help address common customer challenges?


▶️ Alignment

 How can the marketing team better support the goals of the Customer Success team?

What metrics or KPIs should we consider for measuring marketing impact on customer success?

Is there any customer feedback or data we should know as we update our marketing strategies and plans?

The Point?

These inquiries maximize stakeholder input and strengthen the integration between marketing efforts and customer success outcomes.

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