Is Your Marketing Strategy Ready?

By David Smith

Marketing Strategy
Successful Marketing

After years of what seems like treading water, your tech consulting firm needs customers to grow. 

To grow you need customers.

To gain customers you have to have marketing.

But not just “marketing”. You want marketing that works. No mystery. No guessing. No excuses.

What does marketing that “works” look like?

Your firm…

  • Is recognized for the value it brings to customers.

  • Has a growing list of contacts in your target market.

  • Has leads that match your ideal customer profile.

  • Consistently turns leads into deals.

  • Has customers that help you gain new customers.

But that’s not what you have today. 

What you have is inconsistent and unpredictable marketing results. That requires you to spend time and money fixing the problem.

You end up frustrated because the promises made to you to make marketing work aren’t fulfilled.

For example, if you hired a service that promised you a list of qualified leads, you might get a list of leads who are interested but not in your ICP. They don’t progress to qualified opportunities.

The traffic and interest you were promised from video, social, or fill-in-the-blank tactics never happened.

Those firms you hired to fix the problem and make marketing “work” don’t. They just keep asking for more money even though they aren’t delivering.

When I see firms struggling to get marketing to “work” and failing, one primary reason is that they have built their house on a weak foundation.

I’ll let you in on a well-known secret: For marketing to work, it needs a strategy.

Successful marketing systems begin with strategy.

Here are 10 questions to determine if your marketing strategy is ready for success in 2024.

  1. Is our brand perception aligned with the promise we want to convey?
  2. Does our current target audience and ideal customer profile still match the market we want to serve?
  3. Does our core message resonate with our target audience’s needs and challenges?
  4. Is our value proposition clear, and does it differentiate us from competitors in a way that matters to clients?
  5. Does our outlined customer journey accurately represent the steps a potential client takes from first contact to final sale?
  6. Are our chosen channels effective in connecting our message with our target audience?
  7. Does our content effectively address our customers’ needs and questions at each stage of their journey?
  8. Are we leveraging partners to add value to our clients and utilizing all the benefits provided to us?
  9. Are our marketing objectives clear, and how will we know we are achieving them?
  10. Is our budget allocation aligned with our strategic priorities and delivering a significant return on investment?

Ultimately, these questions should be answered to ensure your marketing strategy is sound and can be used for next year’s plans


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