Identifying Your Strategic Content

By David Smith

Strategic content is content that provides the most significant value to your tech consulting firm.  It’s the content that only your firm can produce.  It’s unique. Strategic content is highly sought after by your audience.

This type of content is used at all phases of the customer experience and is particularly valuable to build trust and achieve conversion from prospect to customer.

How do you identify your strategic content?

Content rises to the level of strategic when it displays these three qualities:


Strategic content differentiates your firm from all the others in the market.  If you produce content that allows your audience to see and feel the difference your firm offers your producing strategic content.  This content type includes descriptions of how you approach your work, your unique perspective,


Strategic content can be repurposed. It has multiple and sustained uses different from its original production.  For example, a webinar can be the catalyst for a presentation, an article that summarizes the webinar, individual videos or articles pertaining sections of the webinar, FAQ entries, and even a series of social media posts.


Strategic content is steady and unchanging. It doesn’t have to be updated to reflect seasonal, time, or product changes.   Evergreen content remains valid and relative for extended lengths of time.  This type of material is the foundation of your content and comes in the form of case studies, guides, and in-depth content like whitepapers and eBooks.

The majority of your content is not going to be strategic content.  You wouldn’t classify a social media post as strategic, even if it were derived from a whitepaper.  But a great deal of your content planning time should be focused on generating content that fits these qualities.

When planning, consider these content types of content to form your foundation:

  • Case studies
  • Research
  • Best Practice eBook
  • Whitepapers
  • Webinar
  • Guides

Investing in the development of strategic content will ease your content planning and production woes. You’ll have strong content that can be used at different points along the customer experience path and can repurpose and reuse much of it.

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