How Content Illustrates Your Firm’s Difference

By David Smith


Most tech consulting firms don’t understand what their customers are buying.   Ask some firms what they believe the customer is buying and they’ll say the usual things; implementation, expertise, experience.

But ask the leaders of growing firms the same question, and you will get a different perspective.  They’ll answer with; speed to market, the confidence of success, or mitigation of risk.   They know that the expertise and experience are the ante to get in the game – but you have to bring a difference to really succeed.

The content these leading firms produce supports their beliefs.  Instead of project scope, partner credentials, and accolades, these firms know that consumers of their content are eyeing it in a very human way: What about me?

The use of case studies, customer stories, and content customized to the channel and audience they are trying to engage.  They view content marketing as a relationship building strategy.

It’s widely reported that 50% of B2B content marketers feel they are doing the same or worse than their competitors.  (source: HubSpot) Maybe that’s because they are taking the “it’s all about us” perspective to their audience and the content they generate.

Here are 3 ways you can use content to differentiate your firm from others:

Build Authority

There are very few true authority figures in the tech consulting industry.  That means there is an opportunity, but you also have to bring your A-Game. Unique perspective or thoroughly researched industry insights will establish your firm as authoritative and different from the others in your market.  Hinge Marketing has dubbed this position as the “Visible Expert” and offers programs that help accountants, attorneys and management consultants separate themselves from their peers.  In doing so, Hinge has also set the stage to deliver research and content on that subject.

Establish narrow expertise

When you narrow your focus and scope, you eliminate a lot of the competition. By concentrating your attention on solving one aspect of your industry, for example, Salesforce failed project recovery, you establish the ability to generate content that is different from others in the Salesforce market. Instead of generic Salesforce content stories of failed projects and their eventual successes become compelling content that is certainly different from other Salesforce consulting firms.


Valens Point customer TOP Step Consulting’s content strategy involved online events and detailed post-event content that provides their audience (professional service automation) with in-depth and detailed content on how to get the maximum value from the PSA tool investments. This strategy builds trust with the audience and is a clear point of differentiation from other PSA consulting firms.

The content you provide your audience can be just like everyone else, or it can help your firm differentiate itself.

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