GDPR– What should you believe and do?

By David Smith


I’m exhausted after just reading this title.
Last week was a pure GDPR-fueled email delete-fest.


Valens Point believes most small tech consulting firms have a minimal risk of running afoul of the letter of the law if you have always acted responsibly with user and customer information. That doesn’t mean you should not review your marketing assets and business practices but does suggest there is a certain amount of Y2K baked into the constant chatter regarding GDPR.

Let’s be real about this.  No one is showing up next week to shut your business down or seize your assets because you didn’t meet the implementation deadline for posting your updated privacy policy.   (We did – please review)

Here are our recommendations:

  • Update your privacy policy to reflect all the requirements of the GDPR.
  • Review business practices related to any use of data to ensure you comply.
  • Use your updated privacy policy in all impacted channels.
  • Be conscious of how you collect, store, and manage contact and customer information.

If you need to update your policies, there are online services which will generate the required language – you can take this to your lawyers for specific modifications if required. (Remember one person’s discomfort is another’s opportunity).


Want more? Check out these resources!

We think they’re sensible and reasonable views of the GDPR situation.


Duct Tape Marketing:

How GDPR Highlights How We Should Be Marketing  (podcast and transcript)


Understanding GDPR

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