Seven Lead Generation Mistakes

By David Smith

The simplest way to improve your tech consulting firms’ lead generation is to recognize and eliminate result-killing mistakes.

Concentrate on eliminating these seven mistakes and see your results soar.

If you are the marketing leader at a tech consulting firm, you know that growing contacts and leads is everyone else’s ultimate measure of your success. 

You and I have both heard the commentary.

These leads are not ready to buy!

We have no leads!

These leads suck!

And on and on…

One of the most straightforward paths to success is eliminating your system’s mistakes.

Mistakes occur during the before (strategy), during (execution), and after (nurture) phases.

This list covers the strategy and execution phases.

1️⃣  Misaligned goals and objectives – use campaigns to capture contacts, elevate them to prospects, or advance them to Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs).  Clearly communicate the desired outcome.

2️  Targeting the wrong audience – Make sure to focus on reaching the correct audience by targeting your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) or audiences closely related to your ICP.

3️  Communicating using the wrong message – create a message that resonates with the target audience.

4️  Using the wrong channel – ignoring where the target audience is most likely to encounter, show interest, and engage with your message.

5️  Ignoring the customer’s journey stage – Your target audience transitions between different stages. Lead generation campaigns must be tailored to their current stage.

 6️  Weak call-to-action design – Calls to action must allow the audience to indicate their movement from one stage to another. The CTA should balance what the prospect provides (information and permission to market to them) and the value you provide.

7️  Capturing the wrong measures – the data and information collected during your campaigns must be informative and actionable.

Lead generation for tech consulting firms requires planning, creation, execution, and follow-up. 

Get these things right, and you’ll be happy with the results. Ignore them or make these mistakes, and you’ll be more frustrated than before you began.

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