5 Impacts of Quality Content On Tech Consulting Marketing Success and Growth

By David Smith

Marketing Strategy
Content Marketing

Tech consulting firms need content to attract new customers, be considered for new projects, increase sales, and consistently scale and grow.

Content helps to build trust and credibility with potential customers, as well as to provide expertise and guidance to those who are considering investing in their products and services.

Quality content is a primary component of tech consulting firms’ marketing success. It is the fuel for the marketing engine, and without fuel, the marketing engine stops. Without content, growth opportunities and revenue decline. The pipeline is unpredictable, and the future looks dark.

Here are five (5) areas where quality content will positively impact your tech consulting firm.

Your customers demand content!

You sell to informed and sophisticated buyers, and they have an increased appetite for content. It’s reported that 96% of IT services buyers consume five (5) pieces of content from candidates during their journey.

Educated buyers are increasingly looking for content that can help them understand the product or service they are buying, and they are looking for content that can help them make informed decisions. They also want content that can help them compare different offerings and understand the benefits of each.

Content fuels marketing success.

Firms with consistent programs for quality content generate 3x more leads than those without content engines. There is also another impact: accelerated growth in their business. Quality content establishes credibility, attracts a larger audience, and ultimately drives more conversions and sales.

Content can demonstrate thought leadership.

Firms that consistently generate thought leadership content command prices up to 30% higher than their competitors. This type of content differentiates your firm from competitors claiming to do the same services or deliver the exact solutions your firm does. Thought leadership content is perceived as more credible, trustworthy, and knowledgeable than generic content. Additionally, it reinforces your firm’s position as an industry leader and can help you build relationships with potential customers and clients.

Sales performance benefits from quality content.

Getting sales leadership onboard with content marketing is easy once they understand that firms with quality content marketing programs achieve 78% higher sales win rates versus industry averages. In addition, they deliver deals 29% larger than average. This is because content marketing helps to create trust with potential customers, and customers are more likely to purchase from a company they trust.

Content helps convert contacts into customers.

Conversion rates improve (up to 200%) for firms that orchestrate multiple content-oriented touchpoints in their nurturing campaigns versus firms that exclusively rely on sales team follow-up. This is because content-oriented touchpoints provide a more comprehensive and engaging customer experience, which helps to build relationships with prospects and converts them into customers. Importantly, content-oriented touchpoints offer a steady stream of information that helps prospects make a decision, whereas sales team follow-up is often limited to a single conversation.

These 5 positive impacts demonstrate why content is the critical element of tech consulting firm marketing success.

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