Does Your Content Build Trust?

By David Smith

Marketing Strategy
Content Marketing

Tech consulting firms need content to attract new customers, be considered for new projects, and consistently scale and grow. An essential element of this marketing success is building trust.

What is trust?

For buyers of tech consulting services and solutions, trust is a holistic range of factors evaluated to determine if a firm merits credibility. This is based on the firms’ abilities, expertise, character, and relationship compatibility.

If you want to know how effectively your content builds trust, ask yourself these three questions.

Does your content showcase expertise and establish credibility through real-world examples and proof points?

Buyers are skeptical of claims without proof. 

No one takes something at face value anymore without evidence. Content like an eBook with detailed client success stories proves your capabilities. 

Forrester reports that case study content leads to 326% more leads for professional services firms.

Does your content clearly communicate solutions to customers’ problems, provide technical details, and simplify complex concepts?

Buyers trust those who educate them and choose to buy from those they trust. 

Marketo reports that educating your audience produces 86% more leads for consultants than firms that use content to make sales pitches.  

Use your blog, website, and collateral (whitepapers, studies, eBooks) to educate. 

Does your content demonstrate thought leadership with a deep understanding of industry problems and unique perspectives or approaches to solving them? 

Buyers trust industry and thought leaders.

In a recent study, 47% of B2B buyers stated that thought leadership led them to discover and ultimately purchase from a company. Additionally, IDC has reported that thought leadership gives tech consultancies a 32% higher sales win rate.

Content like benchmark reports and whitepapers positions your firm as an expert in the industry.

In addition to these three questions, you can inspect your content production to ensure you communicate character and culture. These attributes are also crucial for building trust.

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