Software Startup Marketing DecisionsLaunching your software startup can be an exhausting feat to say the least. Your startup plan needs to have all the important details, or your business could die a slow and painful death.

Although there are many building blocks that go into building a startup software company, there’s one brick in the foundation that you don’t want to miss—and that’s a solid software marketing strategy.

How can a software startup implement a successful marketing plan?

1. Set SMART and Descriptive Goals

Shooting for the stars is admirable, but don’t forget to keep yourself grounded when you’re outlining your goals. While most of us would love to be millionaires, you might want to focus on SMART goals to avoid failure. It can take time to reach lofty goals, so be realistic and don’t expect overnight success.

Beyond setting realistic goals, you’ll also want to be sure that those goals are quantitative, qualitative, and descriptive. Plan descriptive goals such as providing N number of product demonstrations, selling X number of licenses, Y amount of revenue, or adding Z new users of your product.

Your goals should be supportive of your long-term goals and strategy.

2. Find Your Unique Angle

Every smart software business owner knows that you need to have a unique selling proposition.

Questions like: What makes your software startup better than the competition? And how does your software help make the lives of your customers easier? This allows you to craft the right message that connects potential customers and your core messages.

3. Develop Powerful Content

Even if your software product unlocks the secrets of the universe, cures the worst diseases, or helps fly Matt Damon to Mars, you will still need content to connect to your customers, answer questions, and build trust.

Keep in mind that this can’t be just any old run-of-the-mill content. Your website’s content needs to be exceptionally well written and educational, relevant, and engaging—otherwise, your content marketing efforts will fall flat.

To get started on developing powerful content for your new software startup, you’ll want to focus on the following:

• Mapping your prospect customers experience to the content they need at every step of the journey
• Home page content with a clear call-to-action
• Descriptive product, service, or feature pages
• White papers or case studies to support the value of your software
• Blog posts for inbound marketing and SEO Optimization
• EBooks or other downloadable content that can help build an e-mail list for further marketing efforts

As a software startup, it’s essential that you make powerful content a top marketing priority.

4. Kick Start Your Social Media Campaigns

Posting on social media is a bit of a no-brainer when it comes to marketing any startup. It is essential to build awareness and interest, but there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it.

For example, Pinterest and Instagram might not be the best choice for you if your software company is more B2B than B2C. However, if your business is B2B, you might find that you get results from Twitter and LinkedIn.

The key to leveraging the power of social media is discovering where your audience is spending their time. Once you have a handle on your target audience and the messages that pique their interest, promoting on social media will be a worthwhile effort.

Jumpstart Your Software Startup Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy Checkup

If you need a clear-cut path to take your software company from a startup to a thriving business, Valens Point can supply the map. Contact us today to learn how we can work together to get your software business moving forward and be successful.

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