Marketing Santa ClausThere is no marketing magic.

Sorry Virginia, there is no small business Santa Claus that fills his sleigh with the ideal customer and perfect contracts and then leaves them under your tree.

There is no small business Easter Bunny that fills his basket with brightly covered products and places them in the obvious spots for your customers to find.

There is no small business Tooth Fairy that leave new customers under your pillow when you lose a key account or long standing customer.

Just like in real life those responsibilities fall to you. You are the one that has to buy the presents, die the eggs, and swap baby teeth for dollars. Those are the actions that create sweet family memories and put smiles on children’s faces.

But in small business, there is no marketing fantasy character that produces results and grows your business. Marketing miracles don’t happen, and there are no overnight successes.

Small business marketing is about reality. It requires your attention and concentration.

Marketing success comes with developing the right strategy and then rigorously executing it.

There is no marketing magic. Only you – and the strategy you define and execute.

Want your 2016 results to be different? Use these ten (10) steps to get your marketing strategy update started.

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