Woman with toothbrush.Is your marketing strategy musty, out of date, and leaving a bad taste in your mouth?  It’s easy to understand how this happens.

Does this sound like your business?

You’re building the marketing plan for your IT or software company.

The creative juices are flowing, and everyone is excited about going to market and “crushing it”.  You develop your plan, agree to get it done, high-five all around, and get to work.

On your business.

Working with customers, building solutions, delivering results, paying bills, and dealing with your staff all fill your day. Day in. Day out. Time passes quickly.  There is work to be done, and there is little time for anything else.

The next thing you know, your creativity and dedication to the marketing plan that looked so good has faded away. You are staring at a lackluster strategy and inconsistent execution.

The plan you were so excited about and we’re certain would work, is not.

You aren’t getting the leads you wanted. You aren’t adding to your list of customers. Revenue is coming in, but it’s not the hockey stick growth curve you once admired on the whiteboard or in the marketing plan spreadsheets.

If that sounds like a road you have been on, don’t despair.  You’ve simply hit a roadblock with your IT or software company marketing strategy.   But it’s not the end of the road.

Here are a few ways to keep your marketing strategy fresh and clean.

Stay Informed of IT and Software News

You know better than most that the IT and software industries are constantly changing. New developments are made almost every day.  The good news is that this gives you access to plenty of interesting content.

Stay on top of interesting news and trends in your industry, and share the very best content with your customers on social media. Don’t forget to add your own thoughts or analysis to any news that you find; doing so can help establish you as an authority in the industry.

Fresh IdeaDon’t have time to stay informed of industry news? Set up Google Alerts to have IT or software news delivered directly to your inbox.

Incorporate Seasonal Content Into Your Strategy

Seasonal content is a great way to give your website a quick boost in traffic. The key is to keep the topic as relevant as possible to your products and services and make a unique connection between your brand and the season or holiday.

The good news is holidays and seasons come year round proving you with a new context almost every month.

Fresh IdeaHalloween is just around the corner. You could tie in all kinds of interesting Halloween themes for your IT or software company with a bit of creative thinking.  Who doesn’t know the zombies from The Walking Dead? If your firm specializes in information security, build an infographic about how to protect sensitive data from their creepy zombie hands.

Gain Fresh Perspectives From Your Competitors

Analyzing your competitor’s IT or software marketing efforts is a great way to bring new insight. Your competitors’ content may be completely missing the point or ignoring an area that you believe is the most important.

Finding the holes and gaps that are missing can help you solidify the buying journey of your prospects.

Fresh IdeaMap your prospects buying journey and identify the information that may be missing to help them make the best decisions.  Build interesting and relevant content that fulfills the educational needs of your ideal customers.

Customers always say the most interesting things.

Your customers are in the best position to tell prospects what it’s like to work with your business and the value they have received.   Their experiences, good and bad, can be the basis for a volume of content that speaks directly to your audience.   Customer-centric content, including testimonials, reviews, case studies and customer stories brings added credibility to your marketing content.

Fresh IdeaInterview your existing customers. Create five new pieces of content that originate from customer stories, ideas, and experiences.  Repeat every quarter.

Refresh the strategic elements of your marketing

If you’ve been using the same IT or software marketing strategy for a while without much success, you might want to look at refreshing the strategic elements of your strategy: the ideal customer persona, the core messages that reach them, and how to get your messages into the places they look to find solutions like yours.

Getting these elements right ensures your tactics will be on point and more likely to produce the marketing results you want.

Fresh IdeaAnalyze the content your ideal customer consumes and their preference on how.  Update your marketing communications strategy, according to the behavior of your audience.

Freshen Up Your Strategy With Valens Point

If your IT or software marketing strategy is putting you and your customers to sleep, Valens Point can give your business the wake up call it needs.  Brush away that bad strategy and feel all sparkly and new. Get in touch with us today for a fresh marketing approach that your customers can’t resist.

Start with our Marketing Checkup.

Marketing Strategy Checkup

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