Interested reader on websiteIs there such a thing as “bad” content?

Content marketing has risen in the vernacular of marketing faster than a “tweet”.   Even a marketing strategy, not well thought out, will include a content marketing component.  The promise of content marketing seems pretty simple – produce a lot of keyword rich content and you will be rewarded with a flood of web traffic. While you may get increased web traffic this does not automatically mean you will get more new customers.  Content for content marketing sake is a not a good strategy.

If  your focus is on quantity over quality – you might want to rethink your content marketing approach.  Use the following criteria to provide information your customer will value:

  • Are you focused on your ideal customer?
  • Is the content interesting?
  • Is what you are saying relevant?
  • Is it informative?

Focus on your ideal customer

If you produce a lot of content for content sake you will merely be feeding a generic audience.  One that will most likely not value your product or service.   Knowing your audience, the ideal customer defined in your marketing strategy, allows you to speak directly to them in a way that they will understand and appreciate giving them value for which you will be rewarded.

Create interesting content

Interesting content will capture the attention of your prospect.  It will allow you to pique your prospects interest and allow them to get to know, like, and trust you.  Your content must engage their interest and encourage them to continue their exploration and discovery of how your business solves their problem or need.

Address their needs

Relevant content is meant to address the needs and concerns of your ideal customer. Relate to and address their need, problem, or issue in a way that they can connect and relate to your solution. Your ideal customer should feel that your “get it” and understand completely their particular issue, angst, or problem.  Your relevant content should connect on an ideological and emotional level.


Informative content educates your prospect on the different choices they have to address their problem or need. Alternatives and choices should be identified and described in a way that will let your customer make a decision. This would include the impact of doing nothing or the “after” picture of their business or life once the problem or issue is solved.

In order to benefit from content marketing you have to move past the idea of producing content for content sake.  It’s more than just SEO and web traffic.  Your content development activities should have a purpose and support the marketing and business goals of your company.   Content marketing is only truly valuable when the content is valuable to your ideal customer.

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