Business Assessment

Your business deserves to soar.  Start by taking our Business Assessment

The Business Assessment is the first step in our process toward helping you achieve your business growth goals. This initial step allows you to get to know us, and allows us to learn about your business at no cost to you other than your time. We believe the most under utilized tool in business is listening. So before we do anything, we want to listen, learn and understand your business and the unique challenges you face.

How It Works

  1. Complete Part 1 of our survey below
  2. We will email Part 2 of the survey following the receipt of Part 1
  3. We will arrange a meeting to review the information and discuss your business needs once we receive Part 2 of the survey.
  4. Following our discussion, you will receive an observation report, which is based on the information we review together. The report will contain high-level recommendations that we feel will positively affect your business.

Throughout this short process, we will have the opportunity to get to know each other, and can determine if we are both interested in furthering our relationship.

Lets get started!  Complete Part 1 of the Business Assessment survey

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1. What does your business do?

2. How many years has the business existed?

3. How many customers do you currently serve?

4. What is the ownership structure?

5. How many people do you employ (employees and contractors)?

6. What products / services does the business offer?

7. Who is your customer? How would you describe them?

8. Who do you see as your competition?

9. What significant goals are set for the business?

10. Describe what you believe are the greatest concerns facing your business.

(Optional) Do you have any additional information or comments you would like to share with us at this time?