Pay For Results Marketing

Focused on achieving marketing results – not activity

When a business owner invests in marketing they want to see a return on their investment. Business owners are interested in getting marketing results, not marketing activity.

Trusted business relationship

The Valens Point Pay for Results Marketing model allows customers to work with us on a marketing result driven, not activity driven, model.  The results we help business owners achieve are things like more customers, increased leads, revenue growth goals, and new solutions.  The activities are merely a means to get to the results.

The Pay for Results Marketing model is based on our Strategy First Approach to building your business.  It begins with the joint development of your Business Strategy and Marketing Strategy, which we then translate into marketing systems that are monitored and refined to achieve the results we jointly agree upon.

The fee structure of our engagement with you is a combination of fixed and variable (or results based) components. We are willing to take on more risk in the variable cost component based on our assessment of risk and the ability to impact your business

The advantage to both organizations is an intense focus on achieving results.  This model also provides our customer these additional benefits:

  • Lower initial cost – establishing an effective business and marketing strategy and implementing an effective marketing system based on our Pay for Results Marketing model defers some costs
  • Reduced risk  – if results are not achieved your business is shielded from costs that did not produce results.
  • A much more engaged and well-aligned marketing partner focused on achieving your results.

This model requires a high degree of trust between our organizations. Our willingness to share risk with you depends on our understanding of your business and our joint level of trust.

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