Duct Tape Marketing

Ever wonder why it is so hard to market your small business?

You don’t have to look far to understand why this question plagues so many. It really has to do with why folks get into business in the first place. The typical small business in America is started by someone who knows how to do something. It might be how to prepare taxes, assemble a certain type of gizmo, wire a ceiling fan, administer a network, or plan a wedding. Almost never does this know-how include being able to market a business that does those things. Many end up frustrated, spending too many hard earned dollars on throw-away marketing schemes, and never successfully understand how to manage marketing their business.

Duct Tape Marketing System For Small Business

Strategy is key.

Strategy is essential to the way we think about business, yours and ours.  We have embraced Duct Tape Marketing as an important part of our view on marketing because this approach focuses on strategy first, before all the marketing activities like websites, social media, email, content, or advertisement. With this systematic approach we can really help business owners build on the valuable elements of their business: why they do what they do, who values what they do, and what makes their business remarkable and unique.

The one thing.

The Duct Tape Marketing system allows business owners to embrace marketing like they never have before and achieve results that are more in line with their dreams than their past realities. The reason they embrace marketing and achieve results can be boiled down to one word: Strategy. Like many things, it sounds so simple, but that does not mean it is easy. Duct Tape Marketing is a proven small-business marketing system that aligns the unique strengths of your business with customers and prospects that value it most.

Definition of marketing- Getting people who have a specific need or problem your product or service will solve, to Know, Like, Trust you, and then allowing them to connect with you.

A common Duct Tape Marketing saying is this: If the strategy is right no tactic will be wrong.  If the strategy is wrong no tactic will be right.

Around these simple concepts you can build an entire marketing system.  A system built on a proven model of success

Duct Tape Marketing System Map

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