Strategy First Approach

The reasons businesses fail are many. Focus and planning are never in the list of reasons.

Our approach to helping you grow your small business is simple.Valens Point Framework

  • Describe your business strategy in simple terms.
  • Create a marketing strategy based on your ideal customer and remarkable difference.
  • Install a marketing system to carry out your marketing strategy.
  • Monitor your performance with clear goals and measures.

We stand by our work and engage with you as your partner through our Pay For Results Marketing™ model where part of our fee can be based on you achieving your goals. This brings a higher degree of commitment and support to our customers and produces better results.

  1. Business Strategy

    Strategy is key – if you don’t know where you are going it is difficult to get anywhere. Being able to boil your strategy down into very simple terms helps you clarify your thinking and develop a clear focus. We help you articulate your business strategy through a collaborative process. The result is insight into your business model, opportunities, and gaps from which a business strategy can be formulated in brief simple terms that will be used and not put aside and forgotten in your desk drawer.

  2. Marketing Strategy

    One of the greatest challenges you face in running a small business is marketing. The reason for this is lack of a marketing strategy and not viewing marketing as a system. It is easy to be distracted by new technologies or the idea of the week. However, without a roadmap that aligns to your business strategy, you will not be getting the best return for your time and money. Your ideal customer, unique difference, and identity are core to your strategy. The more well defined your target market is, and the clearer your understanding of your ideal customer, (those who are most profitable, and who will be customers for life) the more effective and efficient your marketing efforts will be as you can then focus your unique message and develop your brand and identity that will connect with your ideal customer. The best way to develop your marketing strategy is by adopting a systematic approach to all your marketing efforts and building your strategy within this context.

  3. Marketing System

    Marketing is a system. Your strategy is the ‘who, what, why’ and your marketing system is the ‘where, when, and how’. The Marketing Hourglass™, is a visual roadmap of the actions you will implement to get your customer to engage and develop a relationship with you. It also identifies the channels you will use to carry out these actions. A defined marketing calendar and detailed budget allow you to effectively manage the activity. Key elements are establishing your online presence through your website, blog, social media channels, and email; establishing a method for creating engaging and educational content that will attract your ideal customers to your website, eMail and social media channels. With the critical elements systemized, you can more effectively execute targeted lead generation campaigns and react to market changes more easily and quickly. By implementing a marketing system, you will gain control and have confidence your actions will deliver the results you are looking for.

  4. Results Management

    In order to understand how effective your efforts are you must measure the results. Our Results Management focuses on understanding and focusing on your important goals. We will identify the metrics by which to measure the strategies to achieve those goals as well as the marketing activities to carry out those strategies. The measures should reflect activity levels – are you doing what you need to? And effectiveness – Is what you are doing working? This will allow you to adjust and tune your strategy and marketing system and provide better and more consistent results.

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The Valens Point Approach To Small Business Growth