Doubtful businessman portraitI clicked my phone so I could see the time. It was 8:55. The meeting was set for 9:00.

We had agreed to a Starbucks downtown that was close to both of our offices. I walked in the door cautiously, scanning the faces of the people near the door. I next searched the tables, and finally, the line at the counter. My heart beat a bit faster as I stood there alone.

I was looking for someone who would be looking for me. The problem: I didn’t know what they looked like because we had only been introduced via email. I only knew they were male and a business owner.

I hoped my insecurity didn’t show.

Had I done my research I would have known a little more about them. I would have known their background, what they looked like, and more about this person I was trying to meet.

Instead of looking around desperately for a hint of recognition, I could have had clarity and confidence.

If your business is targeting a wide target market, you are repeating the mistake I made at Starbucks. Creating a marketing strategy and plan without first knowing who will want and is going to benefit from your product or service is like looking for a stranger in a coffee shop.

That is why identifying and defining your ideal customer is the crucial first step in creating a marketing strategy that will allow your audience to know, like, and trust your business.

If you ignore this step in your strategy development you will be less effective, have disappointing results, and ultimately waste much of your marketing budget.

Starting with a clear picture of your ideal customer and specifically, their interest in the products or services of your business, will allow you to define the difference you will make in their lives and the core messages that help you connect with them.

The ideal customer definition, difference, and core message are the essential elements of an effective marketing strategy. An effective marketing strategy will save you time and money and eliminate worry and frustration.

Interested in having Valens Point help can help you find your ideal customer? Begin with our Marketing Checkup. It’s a free service that will identify ways to improve your marketing to get the results you want, without wasting your marketing dollars.

Marketing Strategy Checkup

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