Duct Tape Selling - Think Like a Marketer - Sell Like a Superstar The sale isn’t over until the customer receives value.

Book Review: Duct Tape Selling
Author: John Jantsch

Duct Tape Selling is a valuable resource for anyone responsible for delivering revenue. It does not matter if you are an entrepreneur, a micro or small business owner, or the sales or marketing professional in a large company, you will find new ways to improve sales.

While this book does provide action steps and some basic how-to’s, its real value is the emphasis on building expertise, authority, and trust. These personal brand elements are essential to success in the world of sales today.

Small business owners will find a blueprint for sales success in the chapters of Duct Tape Selling. Implementing the processes of this book can forever change your business.

The book is also exceptionally beneficial for high performing sales professionals and their marketing partners who will quickly see the message and the step-by-step process as a way to connect and unite internally. I can imagine companies building and strengthening the processes of their sales and marketing teams by working through the action items of the book and using the action steps as a master plan for gaining new customers and growing their revenue.

I personally like the prominent role given to the Marketing Hourglass™. This concept, introduced in John Jantsch’s book Duct Tape Marketing, provides a detailed and progression-based view of the buyers’ journey. It provides a brilliant context for the alignment of everyone within a business. One of the most relevant aspects of the Hourglass is the reinforcement that the sale does not end with the execution of a sale. The ‘sale’ ends with the customer receives value and moves into the role of Referrer.

This will be another John Jantsch book that has a permanent spot on my desk and will be often referenced, written in, and dog-eared as the other books he has delivered.

Want to learn more about the Marketing Hourglass? Feel free to grab this free eBook.

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