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How it works

Technology consulting companies are faced with two competing demands: mastering your craft to serve your customers and determining how to effectively be marketing your firm to get new ones.

Online marketing, content marketing, SEO, website design, reputation management and social media are all changing at an accelerating pace.  There are more tools, more plates to spin, and more choices to make.
It can be overwhelming and confusing, especially when all you want is to serve your customers.

Your marketing department is an integrated set of components working in unison. Our team will work with you and your staff to define the right strategy and implement a system for consistent execution.

Define a unique marketing strategy
for your business.


Document a plan of action, calendar, and budget for your marketing.


Execute your marketing plan, including lead generation and customer retention campaigns.


Your unique marketing strategy is constructed from understanding your ideal customer, developing a strong core message, ensuring brand consistency, identifying beneficial content, selecting the appropriate channels, illuminating your difference, and choreographing a customer experience that will attract, convert, and retain the customers you want.

A marketing plan, calendar, and budget are developed and presented to you for approval. You remain in control of approval.

Consistent execution is carried out by a team of experienced marketers. We handle content development, social media engagement, lead capture and management, and lead nurturing.



  • A strategic approach to marketing success
  • Consistent execution of lead gen and customer retention campaigns
  • Responsibility and Accountability
  • A dedicated Marketing Director
  • A deep bench of marketing professionals
  • Continuous evaluation and improvement
  • Use of new marketing techniques and skills
  • Deep experience in technology consulting
  • Lower cost/overhead compared to hiring  a team
  • Defined plan, calendar, and budget

The Complete Department Includes:

Directory Management

Marketing Strategy

Key Metrics Reporting (Ongoing)

Content Plan

Review System

CX Playbook

Editorial Calendar

Email System

Expert Content (Guide Pages)

Marketing Material

Lead Gen Playbook

Social Media Management

Brand Guide

Review Meetings (Monthly)

Article Development

Lead Gen Campaign Execution

eBook Production

CRM & Marketing Automation

Lead Conversion Playbook

Referral Playbook

PR Playbook

PPC & Ad Playbook

Website (WordPress)

Event Planning and Execution

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Featured Testimonial

“We brought Valens Point in to pull together our services marketing strategy including setting short and long term goals, branding, offering definition, and visibility in the world of social media. The result– a return on investment by 250%. With clear customer messages, achievable but challenging objectives, and marketing tools in place, TOP Step Consulting is on the path to success!”

Jodi Cicci

CEO, TOP Step Consulting

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We help technology services organizations grow by putting into action a marketing system containing the right balance of strategy, technology, process, and expertise that will get results.

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