What Our Customers Say

  • TOP Step Consulting

    “We brought Valens Point in to pull together our services marketing strategy including setting short and long term goals, branding, offering definition, and visibility in the world of social media. The result – a return on investment by 250%. With clear customer messages, achievable but challenging objectives, and marketing tools in place, TOP Step Consulting is on the path to success!”

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  • Mindcross Training

    “Valens Point worked with us to develop a strategy to grow our adjuster training business. The process and plan that Valens Point used resulted in a simple and straightforward strategy, which allowed us to quickly and effectively execute. That strategy brought in a greater number of leads and resulted in a greater number of sales. The revenue generation strategy helped us achieve record-setting sales. For every $1 we invested with Valens Point we received at least $5 in return. Needless to say that has made a substantial impact to our profit margins. We are extremely happy with the relationship we have built with Valens Point and plan to engage them in other areas of our business”

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  • Cougar Mountain Software

    “Valens Point’s emphasis on “stop wasting money on marketing” has greatly benefited Cougar Mountain Software. After 30 years in business, we have had experience with a number of marketing structures and “experts”. The Valens Point Virtual Marketing Office program put a strategy in place that helped us eliminate areas of our marketing budget that were not producing results and reallocate those dollars to get better returns. Those saving contributed to greater investments in product development and personnel. The Valens Point focus is on investing in measurable initiatives thereby allowing us to pivot when necessary. The results are improving KPI performance with significantly reduced spending.”

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  • ZH Healthcare

    ZH Healthcare Logo


    “Pay for results works for me – I have a committed marketing team invested in my success. I get real results for my money.”

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  • Create Common Good

    “The Marketing Hourglass allowed us to view the relationship we had with our customers as more than just “marketing”. We now can visualize the “Know, Like, and Trust” but also how every interaction with our partners is directly related to repeating our relationship and having a great referral”

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  • Pomeroy House Interiors

    Pomeroy House Logo

    “Working with Valens Point teaches you how to think about your business in a WHY and WHO way, not just the WHAT and HOW.”

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  • OpenLegacy


    “The Valens Point Marketing Jumpstart gave us the foundation we needed.  The marketing fundamentals are taken care of  by Valens Point every month.  Knowing we don’t have to spend time or worry about marketing helps us focus on our prospects and customers.”

    Hans Otharsson, COO


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  • Bill Whittaker Registered Architect

    Having Valens Point help me take care of the marketing basics like blogs, social media, and email allows me to concentrate on my business and stop worrying about marketing details that were not getting done.”

    Bill Whittaker, Registered Architect

    Bill Whittaker

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  • Cofield LLC
    Cofield logo

    Valens Point’s Marketing Foundation helped us establish our business listings and get more reviews. Their done-for-you marketing services make it easy and they are always available to help us improve our marketing results..”

    Angelena Cofield, Owner

    Cofield, LLC

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  • Susan Wharton Gates
    Susan Wharton Gates

    Valens Point worked with me to develop distinctive websites for my businesses and my book. Given these varied endeavors, their advice and guidance has been particularly beneficial. The strategies and thoughtful solutions helped me organize and implement a solid on-line presence. .”

    Susan Wharton Gates
    Author, Academic, Entrepreneur

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  • Medarcus SurePatient

    Medarcus recognized they had the makings of a great product. A product that would greatly increase patient safety and save hospitals millions of dollars. They also recognized they didn’t have the internal marketing resources to research and develop the assets they needed to introduce the product to the market. They needed to quickly develop the right message and create marketing material.

    Medarcus engaged Valens Point to execute a short, time-sensitive project to research the target market, identify the right messages for ideal customers, create branding elements, and marketing assets.

    “The Valens Point team led us through their market research and brand development process, then got to work. In a matter of weeks, we had the marketing assets we needed and were ready to introduce SurePatient to the market”

    – Varna Kadambari, Medarcus CEO.

    “Valens Point took our ideas and created the marketing assets including the initial product collateral, we needed. They helped bring SurePatient to life. They accepted the challenge of our tight deadlines and delivered what we needed, when we needed it.”

    – Jim Hoover, Medarcus Vice President

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