• Rely On Trust For Repeat Business Growth
    Businesses thrive when they have a large volume of return customers. These customers want to build a relationship, either personally or professionally, and demonstrate their interest by returning to your business instead of looking for replacements to the value you deliver. The business value gained from repeat customers is twofold. First, repeat ...
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  • Repeat Customers Drive Higher Profits
    Did you know that repeat customers are an important, perhaps the most important, revenue generators for your business? According to a recent study by SumAll, they account for 25 – 40 percent of your business success. Even more telling, “businesses with 40% repeat customers generated nearly 50% more revenue than similar businesses with only a 10% ...
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  • 4 Steps To Building Your Small Business Marketing Dashboard
    Growing revenue and customers may be the “standard” marketing goals of almost every business at a high level, but your business will have your own unique interpretation of these goals and objectives that are specific to your business and how you operate. Monitoring and measuring your marketing results is essential if you want to achieve ...
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  • The Five Benefits of Knowing Your Business Value
    Coins sprouting growth
    On some level, we all recognize that we will leave our businesses some day. While you may not yet have a vision for the second half of your life, you do understand that the exit from your company is likely to be the largest financial transaction of your life. Does it make sense to go ...
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  • What is Your Business Worth?
    Puzzle pieces coming together
    In order to sell your business you need to understand its value. A proper valuation is essential.
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