Whether you are looking for a speaker for a your small business-related group, a keynote for a convention, or a workshop for your conference, we can likely help with a cost-effective, knowledgeable option. We have provided general talks on building a marketing foundation as well as on specific topics like business and marketing strategy, referral marketing, local search marketing, or developing a standout customer experience.

Valens Point also runs interactive workshops on these topics as well. If there is another business or marketing related topic you would like us to cover that isn’t listed here, just let us know.

Here are a few comments from attendees…

I have enjoyed my opportunity to partner Washington Trust Bank with Valens Point. it has made a huge impact on my banking clients by helping them understand the value of marketing yourself as a business owner and the business itself. David’s friendly, personal character makes it easy for dialogue to take place amongst seminar attendees. Working with David has enhanced my success at the bank due to additional exposure and by helping my customers add value to their business.
Angela Little, Washington Trust Bank

David’s presentation at the Department of Labor was one of our most successful. He worked with me to tune the message to our audience and it really resonated. After the conclusion of the presentation David provided additional time to answer detailed questions from the audience so they could gain ways to implement the marketing actions of the presentation. I would recommend David for any one seeking small business marketing expertise.
David Hoag, Idaho Department of Labor

I loved the energy in your presentation today.
Dr. Yvonne Rose Fedewa

Speaking Topics

7 Steps to Marketing Success

What do you do to grow your business when you are too busy in your day-to-day activities to sell or you HATE cold calling? Did you know that the number 1 reason businesses fail is the lack of a sound strategic marketing plan to generate QUALIFIED LEADS? Debra Mendes will share with you the 7 basic steps for marketing success. These proven techniques are tailored for the small business owner to build a strategy that is both affordable and effective for attracting new customers.

The Marketing Hourglass™  – Know, Like, Trust

Let’s face it the concept of the “sales funnel” is silly.  Do you really want to attract business and then let it fall through a hole in the bottom?  This presentation provides a visible and easy to understand framework of attracting, delighting, retaining those customer that mean the most to your business success.  You’ve heard a lot of people say “you do business with companies you know, like and trust” now you can learn how to actually achieve that level of trust and what to do with it.

Referrals May Be Your Best Marketing ROI

FACT – we hold more credibility when someone ELSE recommends us.  While many small business owners and entrepreneurs know the value of getting referrals from their customers, very few make it a point of doing business.  More IMPORTANTLY, even less develop a system to obtain referrals from OUTSIDE their client base.  Building a business based on referrals doesn’t happen by accident.  Learn how to be proactive and boost your business with effective referral marketing.

Why and How to Fire Your Customers

Let’s be honest, you can’t be your best for everyone.  And when you have customers that aren’t getting your best, either because you no longer focus on what they need or they aren’t a good fit for your business – it shows.  Firing your customers may sound like an absurd idea BUT it may be the best thing you do all year.  Learn the reasons you might consider firing customers and how to actually go about getting it done without damaging your reputation and ruining your business.

Trust: The Currency of Business

A business without trust will be a business without customers.  Building trust is an important task within every business  as you’ve probably heard many people say “ you do business with those you know, like and trust”.  Unfortunately,  many business owners believe that you can’t build trust because it just naturally happens.  While some are waiting for Trust to “naturally happen” successful businesses are taking the steps necessary to build the currency of business; Trust.

Do You Have a GPS For Your Business?  Importance of Strategy and Planning

A strategic plan is a road map for your business. It includes the goals and objectives for each critical area of business.   But how many of us have one (or one that has been updated in the past year).    This is common in small business, but if you don’t have your road map how do you know when you reach your destination?   The biggest road block is setting aside the time. In this unique interactive session, we will show you a simple process for developing your strategy that does not require days of your time, nor do you need a 20 or 30 page document.