Our Story

Helping small business owners attract more customers

The three of us have worked together for nearly two decades.  Many of those years were at a large international software company. As we worked through the many challenges offered by our experiences in the corporate world.  And through this, we grew to admire and respect each other’s attitude, determination, perseverance, and ability.  We also shared the experience of growing up in entrepreneurial environments and harbored a deep desire to get back to these roots.  These shared values provided the trust and motivation to occasionally investigate various business opportunities together, including purchasing various businesses.

“There typically were no strategic plan or systems in place for attracting the ideal customer”

During the evaluation of purchasing businesses we would ask a question: Can this small business sustain itself after the owner steps aside?  We discovered that in most cases, the owner held all the expertise and relationships that made the business successful. And further, there typically were no strategic plan or systems in place for attracting the ideal customer. The impact of this problem was substantial for small businesses we looked at.  It meant unpredictable revenue, less profit, and a lot of frustration, and wasted effort as business owners tried the latest fad and hoped for the best.   The result was that these business owners were not building long-term value in their businesses.

This led the founders to ask additional questions:

  • What if these business owners could get some help to improve their marketing efforts by developing a clear strategy for the business and implementing marketing as a system?
  • What if, instead of unpredictable revenue and hoping for the best, the business could gain clarity and confidence in their direction and revenue?
  • What if businesses could attract more of their ideal customers, the ones that make them profitable?

“We believe you should start your business with the end in mind”

Having spent our careers addressing the issues of revenue growth, profitability, process development, and solution development, we knew that solving the issue of how businesses attract ideal customers would make a difference.  We believe that if you start with the end in mind, develop the right set of goals, and understand what options you have available, you can substantially improve both the current business and the future outcomes. We believe that solving these problems would allow business owners to build real value in their businesses so that when they came to sell their businesses they would see a greater return.

Thus was born the concert of Pay for Results Marketing™.

David C Smith


“We partner closely with trusted customers, aligning our goals directly with theirs and focus on results. Simple, measurable and actionable advice – implemented.”


Debra Mendes
“Having all come from entrepreneurial roots and having a strong sense of being of service, we are dedicated to helping others. Business owners deserve to be rewarded for all their years of hard work and not to be frustrated with futile attempts to get more customers.”


Martin Steinhobel

“In this day and age there is such an overload of information and conflicting advice about how best to attract customers. It is hard for small business owners to know what to do.  We are committed.  By tying part of our fee to results we are much more engaged and so are our customers.  This is the secret sauce that gets our customers to better results.”


We will bring to you expertise that make a difference in your business, including:

  • Marketing, sales, and business development
  • Project delivery and management,
  • Services creation, operations and profitability, and
  • Practical, straightforward approaches to growing small businesses.

We focus business growth to help business owners attract customers in a systematic and practical way. The future does not have to be left to chance, and with clearly defined long-term, purposeful goals in place it won’t be.

“The joy of our business is the reward of working with the small business owner in helping them achieve their goals.”