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Debra Mendes
Debra Mendes

"The simple principle only works when you focus on strategy first."

David C. Smith
David C. Smith

"I love working with people who are driven with a purpose"

Martin Steinhobel
Martin Steinhobel

"To find a better way it helps to be able see more clearly."

We are passionate about helping your business grow…

with simple strategies,

        you can put into action,

and can see the



  • Martin Steinhobel

    I have helped numerous small businesses develop better strategies and implement or change processes that have helped them achieve success.  In the 20+ years my career has spanned, I have grown business units and taken on turn-around situations. I have also seen the results of poor planning and shoddy implementations, and clear planning and systematic implementations. I have helped CEOs through difficult and challenging times, and in finding and developing new business opportunities. My career has been technology focused.  I managed the Professional Services business unit for Software AG in the US and Canada for many years and in that role traveled widely. However, my roots are in small business. Growing up in South Africa, the son of a beekeeper, I learned many life lessons, about dealing with adversity and the vagaries of things beyond your control, and the value of hard work and perseverance, and how to find a better way. I am particularly passionate about planning, developing and implementing strategies that fundamentally improve the performance and value of small businesses.

    At Valens Point, I am responsible for business strategy and operations programs, in addition to management responsibilities that go with being president of the company.

    I love to build things and am an amateur woodworker.  I live in Northern Virginia with my wife and two beautiful children, and love to travel.

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  • David C. Smith

    Over 30 years ago I became involved in information technology and began to develop business applications.  I like to tell people I am “classically trained” in old school technology like COBOL, Assembler, JCL and relational databases.  I leveraged that education in applications to become a successful business consultant and helped my clients solve and implement systems that positively impacted their results.  Along the way, my corporate life allowed me the opportunity to be in many challenging roles: building solutions for clients as a consultant, managing professional services teams, owning profit and loss responsibility, and leading sales teams at the regional and national level.  While my corporate gigs were rewarding, it did not connect me to my roots with small business. So I left corporate life to concentrate with my partners on building Valens Point into a business that helps other small businesses be great.

    The reason this was important to me is that I grew up in a small town surrounded by small business people.  Many members of my family are self-employed business owners. Owning your own businesses is somewhat of a family expectation.  That does not mean all those businesses were, or are, wildly successful. Some go well. Many fail.  However, each holds valuable lessons.

    When I work with small business owners I like those that are passionate.  In my quest to help change the world for the better I know I cannot do it alone, so I want to work with people who are focused on results and want to do good too.  Regardless of what they are passionate about, whether I “get” their cause, agree, disagree, or have never heard of what they are passionate about, passionate owners get my attention. I am particularly drawn to business owners who see their business as a means to have more of what they are passionate about. Time for family, growing their church or religious involvement, giving time or money to civic groups and causes, righting wrongs, traveling to expand their perspective, and lifelong learning are some of the attributes I find interesting in business owners.

    I am constantly thinking about marketing and sales programs for our customers and for Valens Point.

    I live near Anniston, AL and enjoy ambitious outdoor activities like hiking, camping, running, and biking as well as less ambitious activity like spending time with family, good eats, great beer, and cool nights in front of a real fire.

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  • Debra Mendes

    I have a wide range of experience accumulated over 25 years ranging from services marketing, business development, solutions develop to IT application development. I led global services marketing devoted to methodology development, solution development, and the full range communication activities, sales channels enablement, and resources to support strategic plans for sales and marketing objectives. This was a great experience and I was able to work with interesting and challenging people world wide.

    BUT…   My passion is to help small businesses be successful. This comes from deep seeded roots as a part of growing up in a entrepreneurship family and small business community. I love taking the experiences gained back to the small business owner in practical ways to help them achieve their goals. There is no greater reward than to work one to one with the business owner and see the direct results.

    At Valens Point,  I am responsible for the marketing strategy and programs.

    I currently enjoy living in the beautiful and rich historic area of the Shenandoah Valley near our nations’ capital.  In my time away from work I love to garden, hang out on our backyard decks with my friends and neighbors, and travel every time I get the chance.

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