5 Technology Consulting Firm Marketing Predictions for 2019

By David Smith

Technical consulting firms will face numerous marketing challenges in the New Year.  Reflecting backward, they may realize that money spent on marketing in 2018 has not yielded the results they anticipated and needed.  Many firms have experienced the downfalls of the past; investing in fads and fly-by-night schemes but have separated many technical consulting firms from their marketing budgets without any results or RIO to show.  


To eliminate the same performance, here are five predictions that will be important to consulting firm marketing success in 2019.

Prediction 1: Brand identity will continue to frustrate many firms

Some firms might look at their competitors and feel like Adam in the book of Genesis after eating the fruit of the Forbidden tree; they are naked and afraid.   They “get” their competitors message, understand their focus, and envy their success. They will see their competition surging ahead with simple and clear messaging and question their own progress.

Many firms will realize their emphasis on social media or pay-per-click (PPC) has left them feeling empty and without a message.

They will also admit they have invested little in creating a brand for their business and are vulnerable. Not having a strong message and an alignment to their audience has put them at a disadvantage.

Overcome your Brand shortfalls.


Prediction 2: Customer experience will become firm-wide responsibility

Customer experience will become a firm-wide emphasis, not something solely owned and focused on by the marketing department.  The entire company will begin to rally behind the mantle of “Customer Experience.”

A critical indicator of excellent customer experience will be the number of referrals generated from customers. As firms begin to embrace the concept of a referral as the end result of marketing and see how customer experience, from awareness – to onboarding – to value attainment, all strengthen the customer experience, they will elevate customer experience to a company-wide priority.

While customer experience is often challenging for consulting firms to define and defend, the resulting impact from solving customer experience can be significant.

Improve your firm’s customer experience.


Prediction 3: Content will rise to marketing “asset” level

While most firms know that content is essential, successful firms will begin to transition to content differentiation as a means to separate themselves from their competitors.  

The content question first arises with the issue of an effective website.  If you drive traffic to your site and visitors bounce quickly or only visit one page, you are probably suffering from a lack of strategic content. Learn more about how to treat your marketing content.

In 2019 content will become a differentiator and a key marketing asset.  The development of Guide Pages, interactive content like surveys and quizzes to engage audiences, and more in-depth video content (5 minutes plus) will be the emphasis of successful technology consulting firms. The ability to hold your audience attention may become the difference between success and failure.   

Learn more about leveraging content.

Prediction 4: Thought leadership will be recognized as a marketing strategy

Thought leadership will take center stage in the marketing strategy as technical consulting firms begin to rationalize the benefit of this strategy.  Having a unique, even controversial, approach to solving your market’s problems is an indicator of thought leadership. Having the same approach and opinions of everyone else will not lead to a thought leadership position.

Industry-leading content, consistent communication, and ownership of an approach or outcome will strengthen this marketing concentration.  

Some of the significant ways thought leadership position, once established, can be leveraged include speaking at industry events and guesting appearances on podcasts.

Content builds thought leadership


Prediction 5: Referrals will receive lead generation credentials

Most tech consulting firms will tell you referrals are their best lead generation technique. They are both wrong and right. While referrals may be their favorite lead generation technique, to rise to the level of “best” firms need to demonstrate commitment through systems and investments. Lead generation resolves itself into two channels: earned via reputation or by the delivery of exceptional execution.  While most technical consulting firms report minimal dollars spent on referrals those that are successful have laid out a defined strategy that leverages customer experience, content, and thought leadership (see above).

Learn more here



2019 may continue the trend of everything old is New Again.  Fundamentals will play an essential part in marketing success but only if technical consulting firms appreciate the value of investing in a strategy first approach.  Without a defined and sound strategy, no tactic will be successful. When it comes to marketing “squirrels,” you can throw good money after bad, causing the recurring cycle of marketing gimmicks and hope-for-the-best approaches.

Successful consulting firms know that marketing strategy separates the winners from the losers.   Schedule a free consultation with a Master Level Marketing Consultant here.

What’re your predictions for 2019? Where do you see the technology consulting firm marketing results?


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