screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-1-13-37-pmWhen asked the question “What do you expect from your marketing”, do you quickly and strongly reply – “Results”? Most business owners say exactly that.

You want to see a return on your investment. You want confidence that time and money spent on marketing are getting you to the results you want. You want effectiveness.

For your small business that translates into market interest, new leads, new customers.

Unfortunately, these results are usually missing. You spend the time, put in the effort, and definitely spend the money – you’re just not getting the results you expect.

You jump from tactic-to-tactic hoping you’ll discover the silver bullet of success. You mimic what others are doing or sign-up for whatever the latest marketing system, gizmo or gimmick is popular today.

But, at the end of the day, you feel like you’re wasting money on marketing, but also know you have to be doing something. How else are you going to achieve your business goals?

I’ve heard countless business owners say, “if you get me in front of the prospect, I can convince them to become a customer.” They are extremely confident about this, and you may hold the same belief. Unfortunately, you’re not getting in front of enough prospects. You are having very few of those conversations.


The situation is best described as the lack of awareness. No one knows about your business. Your business isn’t on top of the minds of customers when they have problems you can help them solve.

Even if prospects do find your business, they don’t recognize you are what they are looking for. You have a message that is complicated, convoluted or confusing.

The bottom line is this: your small business needs to attract prospects, and your marketing needs to help you convert them to customers.

What’s your business?

You have numerous things to do. Some of those things you are good at. Some you are not. The success of your business depends on you knowing which is which.

If you are reading this article, chances are you might doubt that marketing is something you are good at.   You know what? It’s perfectly fine to admit that. I’m a marketing professional, which means I need to count on other professionals every day. I don’t fix my own computers and printers. I don’t attempt to work on the A/C or heating when something happens to climate controls in the building. I let the experts do what the experts are hired to do.

Your business probably has the same examples. And you should look at marketing in a similar way.

When you use the do-it-yourself marketing approach, you see extremes peaks and valleys. That’s because you don’t have a system for marketing, which will deliver consistency and predictability.

You are not alone.   More and more business owners report that having trouble knowing what to do and they are frustrated with the ineffective marketing results of the past.

There is an alternative. Hiring a done-for-you marketing team allows you to get the marketing results you want without the burden of doing it yourself.

Here are three reasons smart business owners are turning to done-for-you marketing.

#1. They are comfortable with the business model

Many business owners immediately recognize that the decision to hire a marketing team is the exact message they give to their customers.   They understand that their customers cannot be the expert at technical infrastructures, smart cloud use, managed services, accounting and bookkeeping, and a long list of other specialties.

This is why you are hired to solve those problems. You solve the problems you are good at solving.

Hiring someone to do your marketing is the same business model as your business. And hiring someone to remove the marketing peaks and valleys ensures you can concentrate on solving your customers problems.

#2. Done-for-you marketing is more cost effective

Just like in your business, where you have the tools and the resources to solve your customers problems, done-for-you marketing professionals have the tools and resources to plan and implement the marketing system right for your business.

Professional marketers have the knowledge and experience to put in place sound and reasonable marketing strategies and to ignore the bright shining objects that have taken you off track and wasted your time, effort, and money.

There is no need for you to have the burden of trying to purchase all of the systems, software, and take on the expense of learning new marketing skills.   Done-for-you marketing agencies are committed to learning and using new strategies and tactics and applying what works.

When you work from a known set of marketing goals, a defined marketing calendar, and a detailed marketing budget you’ll discover that you not only have less wasted time, effort, and budget, but you also get results. Marketing gets done. Consistently.

#3 Done-for-you marketing can deliver better results

Best results are achieved when you know who you want to attract, how you will attract those prospects, and have the supporting marketing assets, like content, automated follow-up workflows, that convert prospects to customers.

When you hire a done-for-you marketing team, they will work strategically versus tactically. They will help you define your ideal customer, sharpen your marketing message, and determine what channels will work best for your business. These marketing strategy elements are vital to the success of your marketing system.

Done-for-you marketing teams have a better understanding of how to measure marketing success, and how to accelerate and capitalize on what is working.   Since they view marketing as a system, rather than a series of one-off events, they can refine and tune the elements of the system to get results.

Done-for-you marketing makes sense for many businesses, especially those that appreciate that this model removes the mystery from their marketing efforts and delivers the results they want.

If you are ready to explore Done-For-You Marketing click here: Marketing Jumpstart. It’s the first step to getting better results in your marketing – without doing it yourself or attempting to staff a marketing team in your business.



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